Welcome to the offical Master Shǒuwèi website. Here you can find out more about the series, be kept update on the latest projects direct from the author. As well as up and coming book releases.



Blog has been updated In the final stages

Blog has been updated Sorting Lucy's story 


Coming this June Lucy’s Unexpected Discovery 
& in July 
Master Shǒuwèi One Spell Too Many.


Babs has posted a new blog: What's happening


Babs has posted a new blog: It is finally out

The long awaited Tale of two brothers is now available on all sights all links available Published novels page 

A new short
 story is available to read: Three brothers
Aurdio version available read by the author.

A new
Alternative story is available to read: Forgotten world.


Betrayed 5 chapter bundle is available on Babs etsy store


Babs has posted a new blog: Nearly completed



Babs has posted a new blog: Back with beta reader.



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