My hands are tied

    I thought I had best write a blog to in form you all of what has been happening and only been publishing short stories. Since the passing of my mum I have been taking care of my dad, who sadly has not got long to live. As you can image most of my time is taken up with looking after him. We are currently only getting cares in first thing in the morning to help dad get washed and dressed. Then the next visit is not until lunchtime. The rest of the time it is down to me, this is why I am not just physically tired, I am also mentally drained and struggling to not only to write but also play games. I hope things will improve when my dad’s new long term care comes in. For now I will carry on as best I can and do what I can, when I can and hopefully continue to get just little stories out. I am also trying to keep choose your own adventure going on Facebook going. Anyone is welcome to join in and begin a new game at any time.


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