All of these side stories are based on members of Shǒuwèi’s extended famly, they offer a good insight in their backstories.

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Poseidon and Chris encunter 

Terrible storms have hit Titan’s seaside village Fotià, word travels right to capital Athens, where a fellow Annihilation Deity Poseidon, who is visiting city hears of the tragic news, he loads up two carts of supplies and makes the journey to the stricken village. The moment Josh meets the tall well-built god, he can see there is a resemblance to his brother’s wife in his beautiful fetchers and when he asks if he is related to Mnemosyne Eos Theia? He grows angry and informs the family his daughter walked out one day to never return. Josh goes on to tell him how he knows her and they have a son, Poseidon decides to travel with them to England to meet the grandson he never knew existed.

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The Prince & the Dragon
The Tang Dynasty has fallen and China is now split into ten kingdoms, the kings who controlled the central plain crowned themselves as emperor. Wars between the kingdoms happened quite frequently and the Dragons have been doing their best to restore order before more young men lose their lives. However none of them could have foreseen the tragic death of an entire family and because their deaths are so suspicious it makes them investigate to discover who could have carried it out without anyone knowing about it.
Lord Lone and the missing Empress

Free Part One

During the Tang Dynasty a young Empress rises to power after her father’s untimely death, but she begins to miss her simple life when she could walk through the fields picking flowers. As a result, the young lady begins to get restless, which begins to worry her maids. Consequently, the Dragons decide to take her out to the nearby fields and woods; they thought whilst she was with a god she would be safe, however they were unaware that someone was plotting to kill her so that their family could rise to power once more.
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The Battle 


On the dawn of the thirteen hundreds the gods that had survived the Day Walkers gather in a field near the Yorkshire Dales, for one last battle, to stop a tyrant known as Murakami once and for all. However the gods are unaware he has created an unnatural mist to hide his deadliest weapon, Hōzuki. 


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Tales of Tenjoteki na Kízòku Collection

Part One The rescue of a young Samurai. 
Part Two A call for help & Betrayal
Part Three A life is threatened
The final chapter Loss of a dear friend

Featuring 4 illustrations by the author.


Tales of Tenjoteki na Kizoku The Lost Chapter 

This touching story took the author 4 years to write and is the 40th story to written by Barbara.
follows Alric Prometheus Li, son of Copernicus and Fēng-Li as he explores for the first time the country his mother fell in love with. However, he is soon to discovers his father didn’t tell him everything which is happening in this beautiful land, because thirty-two miles from where he is staying, there is an isolated part of Japan which is gripped in a Civil War that has been going on for years.


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