Tale of two brothers
This is the second story in the Master
Shǒuwèi series, which has taken 23 years of dedicated work to create this touching story.

Twins Arthur and Ashley, who were torn apart by their cruel father, who used Arthur’s abilities to his advantage, are reunited centuries later under terrible circumstances. In a vision Arthur sees his dear twin’s very life is under threat from his own youngest son, who has fallen victim to the notorious Eíen no, known only as Tyrant. Arthur knows on his own he has no chance in rescuing his nephew from such a dark messed up person, all he can do is ask for help from a time honoured friend.


Lucy's Unexecpcted Discovery 

Is the fourth story in the Master Shǒuwèi series.
An old Dark Door has been sitting hidden behind a building in north-east China for 9 centuries. What secrets lie behind it are a complete mystery.

Lucy has taken on this task to finally find out what lies on the other side of the Dark Door and soon discovers something he was not expecting.

Coming in September 2022
Master Shǒuwèi One Spell Too Many.
Is the fifth novel in the Master Shǒuwèi series.

The notorious Trio have retuned and once again Shinma’s brother Agito has fallen in to their hands. As a result of one spell to many Agito has defaulted to the last mission he was sent on, to kill a member of the Wesker family who live in Sunset Village. Master Shǒuwèi and his family are the only ones who can break the spell. However, this time around they soon discover things are a little different.
Master Shǒuwèi Book One Echoes of the past

A rogue Eíen no (Eternal) known only as the Tyrant has been silent for the past 18 years, there has been no sightings of him or his Puppets.

Then one day in late October a quiet village yet again becomes the target of one of his Puppets to seek and kill a member of the Wesker family. There is only one thing the Puppet’s brother can do, alert the gods that this time around things seem to be somewhat different.


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