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All the stories that are posted here are available to purchase and download as a PDF format. Choose which series to follow and buy each chapter as it comes out or wait until the full book becomes available.

Betrayed Chapters 1-5

A young man is sent on a quest to find the lost Princess, it soon turns out to be more than just a simple quest and everything has been told is a lie.

Betrayed is for fans of Elric, D&D and Forgotten Realms. It is a world full of magic, Elfs, wizards, giants and dragons.


Betrayed The Three Towers

This is a PDF that contains chapters 6-8 of Betrayed.

Forgotten Tower: The Princess has been transported to a strange, cold place and her unknown kidnaper keeps her locked up in a tower. All she can do is hope her brother and his friends are able to come after her.
The North Tower: The party are taken to their helper’s home. All seems well until strange things begin to happen.

Elder: The party seek a powerful elder Dragon to aide them in their quest and hope he allows them to use his tower.


Betrayed Collection

This is all 8 chapters in a nice collection.
Betrayed is a story for fans of Elric, D&D and Forgotten Realms. It is a world full of Elfs, magic, wizards, giants and dragons.


Chapter One: One day whilst out walking Bǎihé comes across the Monkey Emperor Liúxīng who is happily helping himself to nice, plump peaches, that happen to belong to a Forest God.

Chapter Two: A stunning blue dragon awakens to find his ball gone and discovers a tiny monkey, human like creature is within his home...

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