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Because I am dyslexic when I made the decision to become a writer I was discouraged, this just made me more determined to prove them wrong. When I left school I tried to go into work in shops, but I soon found having agoraphobic this was not for me. This made me turn back to my goal of becoming a writer, despite what people said.


I tried many different writing styles, it was not until I did a writing course at Nottingham University, where I was told by other writers and a  published author, I had great potential as a present tense writer, I just needed to find the right genre which suited me. This is when I found I was really good at writing fantasy and dark fantasy stories. I began going over some of my early work and found one which sounded promising. It was a world where immortal humanoids who possessed unique abilities, making them appear as gods to early man and of course there was a bad guy who wanted to bring down the gods because of a prophecy. This gave rise to The Master Guardian series.

However, my work was soon destroyed by an editor who did not understand the world was two realms which coexist with one other. He also could not get his head around the idea of the lead character Guard having two people with him all the times. So it just became a generic vampire story. Not what I wanted. This made me start looking for a proofreader and editor who understood the unique world that I had created.

Then came the breakthrough I had been longing for in 2014 an editor came to me and asked me for an early version of part one, as the current one was in his view a real mess. Which I agreed it was. When he read the first ever draft, he came back asking why didn’t I stick to this unique world? Where there are even higher beings other than the gods as I have never come across anything like it. It’s just awesome. I really like your unusual writing style as not a lot of people can write in present tense and in third person.

This gave me the confident boost I needed to scrap the old books and return to what I originally created as I myself prefer writing this current version which you see today. All the artwork is done by me, I like to bring the characters to life and come up with interesting front covers.

Back story to the Master Guardian series

In a world which is owned by gods there are no wars, no conflict or suffering of any kind, there is nothing put peace which was meant to last forever. However, there were whispers of a coming darkness which would spread across the world, killing innocent mortals and gods who stood in its way. Word of a tyrant who was experimenting on his own kind began to surface. This made the Vampire population nervous and  they started to retreat to undercover of darkness to save themselves falling victim to his corrupt ways. Out of these dark times rose an army of women who were mortal, but possessed all the strength of a Vampire, they became known as Day Walkers. They were created by the tyrant to wipe out the Soul Drinkers, but something went tragically wrong they just went on the rampage, killing everything in their path. Then one day this terrible army was brought to an end by a powerful race of gods known as Dreamers and peace once more returned to the world.


Or so they thought, on the dawn of the 1300’s the gods who had survived the Day Walkers gathered on a mist covered filed in Yorkshire, their goal to take down the tyrant who had raised an army of Pure-Blood Vampires who were under his control. The mist made them mindless raging monsters and the gods as weak as mortals. Then the tyrant vanished and peace was restored.

In 1400 Guardian was born to a world which held its breath as they knew one day the tyrant will return.

Present day, rumours begin to surface the tyrant is back and he is starting to send out his puppets once again into the world. The task Guardian, Darkness and Celestial face is to stop him before he raises another army of mindless Vampires.



Most of my inspiration comes from Anime, games and music.
When I write I enjoy listening  to my favourite ヴィジュアル系 (Visual kei) bands, Kisaki Project, 凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-, Phantasmagoria and Chariots. 

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