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Barbara has been writing unconventional fantasy stories for 23 years. She has said lot of her inspiration comes from reading when she was a teenager Elric Novels by Michael Moorcock, Forgotten Realms, playing, Lone Wolf, Fighting Fantasy and Dungeon and Dragons.
Barbara has said, "The Master Shǒuwèi series has been heavily influenced by Elric and Vamper Hunter D."

Editor Murakami Kiyoshi: "It is great to find someone who writes good unconventional/classic fantasy, the way fantasy used to be. That being said, this really stands out as I, in all my years of editing, have not come across anything like this. It's unique, which makes Barbara's work a nice refreshing change to the generic fantasy I have to deal with every day.”

When writing Barbara is aways listening to her favourite Japanese musicians KISAKI Riku.

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