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    I am so pleased to have finally been able update the site. This has been a long time coming and I am so happy with the outcome.

    There is still some things to do and I hope to have it all sorted soon. It is just wonderful to have it up and running and a nice fresh look. The old blog is still going to be avaliable and I will link it on the site along with this one. I am not sure about doing another galley as I have facebook, twitter and instagram to show off my art. I am though thinking about doing more audio openings as test recording as I know it will help me to become better.

    I am also making changes on penana, I will only be posting Master Shǒuwèi related stories on there and any any story that is over 3 issues long, the reader will now have to pay for each chapter which follows. The coins are not expense 2500 coins = £2.80 and I am only charging a couple of coins up to six, no more.

    book novel will no longer have any Master Shǒuwèi related stories on it. I have made it just for other fantasy stories. I am also going to be leaving it with just the current five books and a few samples of published stores.


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