Things are getting better

    Since my last post things with my dad are getting better, I am managing to get in to a kind of routine. Which is great as I have been able to write Yūrei Samurai series, which I think started out great, but now has lost its way. This is because I have been ill with a nasty virus for over a week and was not able to work. Since going back to it I just cannot remember what I was going to do with the story. Hopefully once I have read through the second book it might come back to me and hopefully I will be able to complete it. This is the problem of having to put everything on hold whilst I recover and I have to say, I am still not 100% better, I still get a fussy head from time to time and sometimes feeling quite unwell. It really is an awful little virus, coughing and just want to sleep all the time is really annoying. Fingers crossed I am over the worse of it and I start getting back to my normal self.

    In other news I am pleased to see that A Lost Kingdom is now up to 8.4k views on webnovel, I would like to remind everyone the full book is available through the other stories website. It is available on google play, ibooks and kindle.


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